Stuckey's Bridge Trilogy book 2


Thomas was a murderer, so Levi wasn’t surprised when a posse tied a noose around his neck and hung him from the iron rails of Stuckey’s Bridge. The instant Thomas’s neck snapped, Levi inherited more money than he could have ever imagined. Over the next decade, Levi’s wealth, charm, and good looks bought him social standing in the world of the rich and famous, even though his scruples were no higher than those of his late father.

In 1912, there was no more elite location for the rich and famous to gather than the Jekyll Island Club off Georgia’s coast. Millionaire’s Club, as it was commonly known, was the place to see and be seen, a place where Levi enjoyed rubbing elbows with prestigious names like Rockefeller and Morgan. His ambition to become one of the affluent was flawlessly executed…until the evening he spotted her across the room. Levi didn’t know when he locked eyes with the mysterious Penelope Juzan, his plan would begin to unravel and his life would forever change.

Thrown into a world of murder, treachery, and an intense game of cat and mouse, Levi would find his time on the island ending differently than it had begun. Was she only after his money? Occasionally, it seemed to him she only wanted him dead. Or maybe it was the other way around.


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