Okatibbee Creek Series book 1


In the bloodiest years of our nation’s history, a young mother was left alone to endure the ravages of the Civil War and a typhoid epidemic that threatened the lives of everyone left behind. Okatibbee Creek is based on the true story of Mary Ann Rodgers, who survived the collapse of the Confederate dollar, food shortages, and the deaths of countless family members to war and disease. As she searched for a way to feed her children and her orphaned nieces and nephews, Sherman’s Union army marched through Mississippi on their way to destroy Meridian, and Mary Ann found the distant war literally on her doorstep. Help arrived just in the nick of time in the form of an unexpected champion, and Mary Ann emerged on the other side a heroic woman with an amazing story. Okatibbee Creek is a novel of historical fiction that brings the Deep South vividly to life and will have you cheering and crying through a real-life story of loss, love and survival.



"Okatibbee Creek is the best kind of historical fiction, because it is based on real people, places, and events. I found myself so completely drawn into this story that I felt the Rodgers family actually became my family, and I was transported back to the south during the Civil War. The author easily captured the emotions that the characters felt, bringing each person to life, which allowed me to experience the feelings that the felt, the joy of a new birth or wedding, or the sadness and sorrow as death took a beloved family member." 

~Reviewed by Brenda Casto for Readers' Favorite


2013 Winner of the Bronze Medal at the eLit Book Awards in Literary Fiction.

2013 Honorable Mention at the Great Midwest Book Festival in Regional Fiction.

2013 Nominee at the Global Ebook Awards in Historical Fiction.


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Okatibbee Creek by Lori Crane paperback