Okatibbee Creek Series book 3


As the War of 1812 approached, the Creek Indian Nation was in the middle of a civil war. They fought brutally between themselves, as well as with the white settlers who were encroaching upon tribal land. After years of conflict with the white man, warrior Tafv Hokkolen began to realize a new strategy would be needed to crush the wave of settlers. He believed he could frighten them off Creek land and allow them to live to spread the word.

It was during this time Elly’s family moved to the eastern Mississippi Territory for the promise of low-cost land and fertile soil. She had no idea they were moving into Creek territory - into the middle of a hornet’s nest. Tafv’s band of warriors taunted them, stealing their property, killing their animals, and destroying their livelihood. Just when the family thought things couldn’t get any worse, during one of the Indian raids as Elly’s husband chased the Indians away from the farm, Tafv’s young son was killed in the pursuit. Tafv vowed revenge against Elly’s family, and a final showdown was imminent.

"Elly Hays" is based on the real-life story of Elizabeth Hays Rodgers and is the epic clash between a fearless warrior with nothing to lose and a young mother on the verge of losing everything.



-Honorable mention in general fiction in the 2013 Great Midwest Book Festival.

-Named on the short list for "50 self-published books worth reading in 2013/14" at Indie Author Land. 


"Elly Hays by Lori Crane is a rare gem... A historically rich tale where there are really no bad guys...a page-turning read..." ~Brenda Casto for Readers' Favorite


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Elly Hays by Lori Crane paperback